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Smiling woman Implants

Are you embarrassed by damaged, chipped, or missing teeth? Don't hide your smile any longer! Our professionals can install dental implants, artificial teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth, to help fill any unsightly gaps which you may be self-conscious about. Love your smile again with the help from Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Cumberland, RI.

Complete your smile today with dental implants by our experienced dental technicians.



Implants are an attractive and logical solution for fixing gaps in a smile because, unlike bridges, no additional teeth need to be altered in the process.

Why choose implants?

While an implant takes 3-6 months to fully heal, we can install temporary crowns, so that you may eat and speak normally after your implants.

Easy recovery

Dentures are the right option when many or all of your teeth need to be replaced, while implants can be used for the replacement of a single tooth. Both dentures and implants will be comfortable after the initial adaptation process.

Dental implants or dentures?

Quality Dental Implants